Corporate branding for Jauda LB (Lithuania - Belarus)

I was commissioned by this multidisciplinary electrotechnical company "JAUDA LB" to create brand new identity. They came in the need of an corporate brand that would represent their distinctive personality, strength and energy.
I designed a typographic logotype that consist of an individual sign and unique lettering. The sign includes 7 lines that display lattice in transformer substation and variety of wires. The logotype transmits the constant search of simplicity and finding solution to any problem.
Elaboration involves designing of business cards, blanks, blocks for notes, cd cover, branded pens and memory cards, envelopes, parcel, technical albums, sticker on a car, web site and its mobile version.
In the creative process I designed a range of additional elements such as pattern, stamp and gradient.
I developed brand guidelines to make sure the new identity will be applied consistently.